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There are tons of people right now who use streaming apps such as Netflix, Hulu and the likes. Because of the demand for on-demand entertainment, companies are scrambling to make similar apps. But even though there are tons of streaming apps today, not everyone can afford to subscribe to them.

This is because most of them have expensive monthly premiums that are just not cheap especially for third world countries. Because of this, developers are creating free alternatives such as Oreo TV. This is one of the best free streaming apps at the moment which offers thousands of titles for everyone! Whatever category you’re looking for, you can be assured that this app offers it! Aside from that, it boasts features that you can find in those premium streaming apps!

Features of Oreo TV

Oreo TV is a top-of-the-line free streaming app that offers thousands of movies and shows for free! You can also download these for offline use. Here are its features:

Tons of titles – Back then, we used to watch movies and shows solely through cinemas and televisions. Although these are still widely used today, there’s a third option on the rise – streaming platforms. More and more people use streaming platforms everyday as the number of movies and shows rises. But most people can’t afford to pay for these so they look for the next best apps. Thankfully, Oreo TV is here to give you tons of titles to watch whenever you want! There are over 6,000 TV channels in here that comes from a lot of countries. There are also other shows and content that you’ll find amusing.

High-quality – You can also select the quality of the video to your liking: 360p, 480p, 1080p and higher qualities are available! This will allow you to save on mobile data or power if you’re running low on them. With this option, it’s like you’re using premium apps not just a free alternative!

Download the videos – Speaking of premium, this app also has a premium feature – the ability to download the videos! Oreo TV allows you to browse tons of content and download them for offline use. Now, you don’t need to always search online just to watch. You can save the videos to your smartphone, tablet or even computers!

Categories – Aside from popular TV channels, this app boasts other categories such as sports, movies, news, entertainment, kids and many more! This allows the app to cater to a massive audience worldwide! Whatever you’re looking for, you can find it in this app. How convenient is that?

User-friendly UI – All of these features sit prettily on the app’s user-friendly interface for convenience. This means you can access everything you need with just a few taps.

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