Friday, April 5, 2019

Curator™ Beta


Curator™ is the first Gallery to organise your photos using Artificial Intelligence entirely Offline to make looking for your photos intuitive and faster without compromising on privacy.

Just search and Curator™ will find your photos.

Curator™ also includes convenient gestures to navigate and interact with your photos without the unnecessary layers like other galleries. 

Upcoming Features

Private and Trash Folders
Custom Tags
Improved Search and Artificial Intelligence
Shared Albums
and way more. (Hint: Google Photos People Recognition) 


Albums - Long press to rename delete and add as favourite. 
Photos - Long Press and Drag to select Photos then swipe left and click on an Album to move photos into it. 
Photo Viewer - Swipe down to close. Swipe from left to right just above icons to quick scroll.

Note: Curator™ has a defined roadmap going forward and although I would greatly appreciate your suggestions I would like you to know that this is just the first step. Some of the ideas you may have are probably something on the roadmap already. There are various features that are being worked on that will be included in the upcoming updates. Your feedback and suggestions are invaluable nonetheless and any new suggestions will be considered. This is currently Beta Software and I kindly request you to install Curator™ only if you have been invited to or understand the implications of using Beta software.

What's New 


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