Thursday, February 14, 2019

Nandoo - India's Only App That Rewards You to Walk


Our busy jobs literally give us no time to care for ourselves. There is always some financial model that our overlords need conveniently at 3 am! 

So, we at Nandoo, decided to change things up - combine what we love (FREE STUFF) with the thing we don't (WORKING OUT) to create a beautiful app (NANDOO!)

Who is Nandoo for?
- For all those hard-workers who want to achieve their health goals but need a small push/ motivation to get there 
- For all those committed folks who do not like gym but prefer walking to achieve their ultimate goals of being fit 

Who is Nandoo NOT for? 
- For all those people who want to make extra income. Sorry to disappoint but gift cards is not going to help you make extra moniessss

If we make even 0.00001% of us healthy, happy & stress-free our mission would be accomplished!

And so with that thought here we are with Nandoo - it is the only app in India that rewards you for walking. The app is as simple to use as ABC:
A. Open the App
B. Start Walking - every Nandoo-er gets 10 minutes everyday to walk, so make sure to walk as fast as you can within the 10 minutes 
C. Convert your cumulative steps walked into rewards 

...see told you it was easy! 

Our rewards list is as follows:
- Walk 50,000 steps - get Rs. 100 in BookMyShow Gift Card
- Walk 75,000 steps - get Rs. 150 in Amazon Gift Card
- Walk 100,000 steps - get Rs. 200 in Uber Gift Card 
- Walk 150,000 steps - get Echo Dot (while supplies last)
- Walk 500,000 steps - get iPhone X (while supplies last) 

We are also constantly including new reward tiers by working with some of the best companies in India (download our app & find out 😜) 

If you ever have any questions, issues or want to give feedback, feel free to WhatsApp us at: +1(740) 803-2856 or email us at . We want to hear about your experience & want to be part of your journey towards becoming the best you & make Nandoo your go-to app for everything wellness related! 

- We do not support offline steps counting. You will need a good/steady internet connection for this app to function as designed
- This app is not compatible with Tablets

What's New 

In this release, we updated our walking tracker logic to help fix some of the issues that our users reported on. We also crushed a few other bugs to help make your Nandoo experience even better!

As always, we love listening to your feedback so don't be shy to get in touch with us at

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